3E, established in 2005, embarked on a journey with the goal of being unique, innovative, and reliable. Today, we continue to successfully embrace these objectives, establishing ourselves as one of the industry's leading brands.

We prioritize innovation in the production of electro-optical systems, maintaining our leadership in pioneering cutting-edge technologies. Through our experience in collaboration and establishing robust business partnerships, we consistently embody our commitment to delivering impeccable service in all our undertakings.

As one of Turkey's largest electro-optical system manufacturers, we specialize in responding to diverse demands and continuously strive to enhance our products within the framework of superior quality standards. Proudly presenting our commitment to quality and innovation, we have deployed over 500,000 products in various fields.

In 2021, our company proved its commitment to its ideals by being selected as the Fourth Fastest Growing Company in Turkey under the TURKEY 100 program directed by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB). With our particularly technology and innovation-focused production approach, we aspire to make our country and our brand a significant player in the world in the field of electro-optical systems.
With the motto "unique, innovative, and reliable," we aim to become a significant player in the world of electro-optic systems, utilizing advanced technologies in production. We strive to continuously develop new products beyond the needs and expectations, thus establishing our country and our brand as important contributors on a global scale.
We are committed to enhancing our global presence in the field of electro-optic systems, with the aspiration to be among the foremost brands. Our objective is to maintain and further increase the widespread use of high-tech products produced by 3E, both in the air, on land, and at sea.
  • Working passionately to always take our "Unique, innovative, and reliable" identity one step further.
  • Operating with a visionary perspective, we strive to stay current in every aspect. Our goal is not merely to use technology but to be a brand that produces technology.
  • Embracing a collective intelligence approach and collaborating with professional teams that aim for excellence.
  • Recognizing that the concept of 'valuing people' is at the core of success, we highly appreciate every idea.
  • Believing in continuous improvement, we support all endeavors directed at enhancing our team's performance.
  • Embracing an open communication model and encouraging the free sharing of suggestions.
  • Embracing a customer-centric approach within the framework of our Integrated Management System policy, we assess requests thoroughly and implement the most suitable solutions promptly.
  • Prioritizing fundamental elements such as health, safety, and the environment in all our activities.
  • Aiming to prevent any adverse environmental impacts that may arise from our activities and services, we think about the future from today with a responsible approach towards the environment.
  • Prioritizing the use of renewable energy, we implement projects in this regard and develop environmental policies that allow for energy efficiency.
  • Improving and enhancing the performance of our Quality Management System.
  • Adhering to ethical values and standards, we operate in accordance with all relevant national and international legal regulations.
  • Embodying the identity of "reliability," we do not compromise on transparency, fairness, and accountability.
  • Embracing the protection of human rights, the fight against bribery and corruption, the prevention of conflicts of interest, the preservation of privacy, and the assurance of occupational health and safety as fundamental principles.
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant legal regulations, we maintain the highest level of information security and privacy throughout all our activities at 3E.
  • Operating with the awareness that information with a privacy level should be protected within the highest levels of security understanding.
  • Abstaining from engaging in actions that contradict our values, we uphold these principles.
We enhance the production of electro-optic systems with our advanced manufacturing technologies and qualified R&D capabilities. Continuously seeking innovation in production techniques remains a constant commitment for us.

Our facility, equipped with high-quality production capabilities, consists of cleanroom laboratories, test platforms, general assembly lines, and state-of-the-art technological production devices. We meticulously control the appropriate temperature and humidity levels required for all areas, adhering to a disciplined working principle.

We produce and develop tailored solutions in line with the diverse needs and requests of the world's most significant institutions. Our products, meeting comprehensive military standards, provide exceptional service to institutions with contemporary, strong, and modern structures.

We embark on each innovation with a pioneering design goal, creating plans to meet changing and evolving demands. All our designs undergo numerous tests to ensure compatibility with cutting-edge technology, and we work to provide a flawless experience.

We systematically consider all conceivable scenarios in the operational field, ensuring that our projects are meticulously aligned with these considerations.

At 3E, we continuously enhance ourselves by leveraging the vision of our skilled team and insights obtained from various sectors and evolving user needs.