Protection of Personal Data

3E Elektro Optik Sistemler San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. (3E) acts within the framework of the principles of protection and storage of personal information. The following notice explains where and for what purposes the information you shared when you visit our website, and what measures are taken to protect your information. With this notification, you declare that you accept that any personal information you share will be used under the notification conditions. All information shared by you with our company is processed by our company and its security is ensured.

You can visit our website without sharing any personal data or information. We may request the sharing of certain personal data or information in order to fulfill the goods or services that are likely to be provided to you by us. This information; It may contain personal contact information such as your name-surname, home/work address, title, company information, e-mail address, telephone or fax numbers. In addition, your nationality and country of residence, in order for us to carry out the compliance audit with the relevant export or import regulations for the transfer of information about your position in your company, your e-mail advertising and marketing preferences, your financial information such as credit card / debit card / account information, and technological information can be recorded about sharing information about certain products. Information that will make it easier for you to use our website; questions about our products and services and about your orders, and; information to help us identify the products and services best suited to your needs; your feedback about our products and services. Sharing such information with us is not required by law. However, you accept, declare and undertake that the goods or services will not be provided if the information is not shared. 

The website, of which all rights are reserved to 3E company, keeps systematic records. All data regarding the number and time of viewing the pages, your IP address, downloaded files and sizes, links clicked, goods and services accessed are recorded by us. By creating a user, it is possible to associate areas of interest with our products and services. None of this information is associated with your identity.

Your personal data: It will be used to provide information about our company's products, to register the purchased product, to prepare orders, to create warranty and user manuals, to provide customer service support. The information obtained from our website may be combined with the information you have forwarded to us through other communication channels.

R&D works: Your personal data can be used to make our website, products and services more efficient and meet customer demands. In addition, your personal data may be used to meet your special requests.

Communication: The personal data you share on our website or the special quality information you provide in order to benefit from any goods or services; may be used to communicate with you in the future. However, your permission will be obtained for this and there will be an option on our website to choose not to contact you. If you select this option, the data shared with you will not be used by our company in order to communicate with you. You will always have the right to opt out of the communication channel that you have given your consent before. You will be given the opportunity to cancel the goods, sms or voice calls sent to you.

Website information usage: It can be stored for technical purposes such as tracking the number of visits to our company's website, recording and analyzing the usage and clicking habits of visitors. The information in your profile can be used by us if it is useful information for facilitating the use of our website and for managing the session. You can accept or reject our website or company promotional information. You can change your computer's browser settings to refuse cookies or to warn you. If you refuse promotional information, you may not be able to take full advantage of our website or our company's goods or services.

Post of Personal Data: Your personal information that you have entered on the 3E website will not be shared, anonymized or transferred to any third party or corporation within the scope of KVKK, without your express consent, except for the following cases.

  • The 3E website you have visited is managed by a service provider. Sending, analyzing, processing and all registration of information is done by the website service provider. Since all personal data is transferred to 3E by the website service provider, it will be shared with the service provider. The service provider and its employees are prohibited from using your personal data other than the website service.
  • The goods or services you have purchased can be delivered to you by courier or distribution network. In this case, the personal data you share through our website will only be shared with the courier or distribution network as much as necessary within the framework of the purpose of providing the service or goods to you. Only necessary items will be shared, and it is prohibited to use this information for other purposes by courier or distributor persons or companies. Your express consent will be obtained when your personal data to be shared for advertising or marketing purposes will be shared for these purposes.
  • 3E undertakes that your personal data will be properly protected in case the person or institutions to be contacted during the domestic or international company mergers or acquisitions requests the real recipient information.
  • Other reasons are; In cases ordered by law, your personal data will be shared with people or official institutions that are required to be shared. Except for legal requirements and the situations listed above, no sharing will be made without your explicit consent for any reason.

3E takes all kinds of security measures to protect your personal data. These security measures have been reported to the Personal Data Protection Authority via the system. Except for the protection of physically obtained personal data with traditional methods, it implements all technological security measures.

All of your personal information that you share on the website is stored in an environment and computer systems where access is restricted, where unauthorized persons cannot access it. SSL security technology is used to encrypt your personal information when you log in or when you purchase any services or goods on the website. All these security measures are taken to prevent and protect your personal data from unauthorized access.

It is your responsibility to ensure the security of the information you have entered, such as the password and user name, and not to be shared with third parties. 3E accepts no responsibility in case of third parties accessing your account with your username and password.

Deletion or modification of personal data; all the information and documents you have shared through our website and all your personal data; can be removed or changed at any time by contacting us. For this, you can follow the steps on our website, you can reach us by any means of communication. In case the entered data is removed or changed, all your requests will be met by us.

Post of personal data abroad; The data you share by our website can be processed, stored or shared with all subsidiaries, representatives, branches or foreign companies established by 3E abroad. The protection of personal data is protected by different conditions in each country. However, 3E EOS is obliged to ensure the security of all your personal data and information. By visiting our website, you accept, declare and undertake that you give your explicit consent to the transfer of information abroad.

The 3E website you are visiting is not affiliated with any other institution or organization website. Therefore, no data will be shared with any other website or website service provider.

Please contact us for this notice or for your other questions and suggestions about the personal data storage, processing and security systems of our website. We would be pleased to assist you in the development of all kinds of security measures, both in accordance with the security of the data you have entered and the data policies of our company.

Any right to change in this statement is exclusively reserved for 3E ELEKTRO OPTİK SİSTEMLER SAN. Ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. It can make changes without any notice. It is not responsible for any changes made before the last update date. It is the responsibility of the visitors to read this notice completely before visiting the website. Any responsibility that may arise belongs to the visitor. Before the change is made, a consent will be obtained from the users or visitors who share their personal data or information, with the choice of whether to accept or not.