Binocular Night Vision
The B31 Binocular Night Vision is purpose-built to enhance nighttime operational effectiveness and heighten situational awareness for operators. Engineered with a dual-tube design, this compact, lightweight goggle is optimized for seamless performance in the most challenging low-light conditions.

The B31's dual-tube system provides superior image resolution, enabling unparalleled capabilities for target detection, recognition, and identification across significant distances. Its standout feature is its independent dual-tube housings, offering the flexibility to operate in either binocular or monocular configurations as per mission requirements. In the binocular configuration, the two tubes work together to provide enhanced depth perception, simplifying terrain navigation, obstacle maneuvering, and operation of controls or devices. The monocular configuration, on the other hand, provides the versatility to adapt swiftly to fluctuating lighting conditions often encountered in tactical environments.

The B31's power versatility further solidifies its robust design. It can operate efficiently using an onboard AA battery or an external battery pack for prolonged usage scenarios. Notably, this external battery pack incorporates dual infrared strobe lights - a critical feature for ground personnel identification.

The B31 Binocular Night Vision Device does more than augment your visibility in the dark. With its advanced capabilities and rugged design, it significantly boosts your operational efficiency and success rate. The B31 empowers you to not merely adapt to, but assert control over, the darkness. Master the night with the B31.