Monocular Night Vision
Designed to meet the rigorous PVS-14 standards utilized by military and law enforcement operators globally, including NATO forces, the M14U Monocular Night Vision represents an exceptional optics for professional nighttime operations.

The M14U offers unparalleled flexibility in use. When mounted on the head or helmet, it provides users with the unique advantage of maintaining night-adapted vision in one eye, while the other surveys the environment through the device's illuminated eyepiece. An additional standout feature is its capability to be weapon-mounted behind most collimated daylight aimers and reflex sights. This dual-mode functionality equips the user with enhanced mobility and tactical awareness as a monocular night vision and as a short-range weapon sight.

Engineered for resilience, the M14U's robust design is proven in combat and built to withstand extreme operations in the harshest of conditions and environments. Furthermore, it showcases compatibility with all PVS-14 type accessories, optics, and image intensifier tubes, setting a new standard for monocular night vision systems. This comprehensive adaptability ensures seamless integration into existing equipment ecosystems without the need to replace current accessories.

The M14U does not compromise on functionality. It boasts automatic flip-up shut-off, an infrared illuminator, a low battery indicator, and a highlight cut-off. These features are designed to optimize performance while preserving the device's longevity.

Embodying military specifications, the M14U Monocular Night Vision enhances nighttime operational effectiveness and boosts situational awareness. It is an indispensable asset on the battlefield, reinforcing the professional capabilities of its user and establishing new benchmarks in night vision technology.