Human Resources Policy
We shape our human resources policy within the framework of laws and ethics, dedicated to a mission that enhances employee motivation. We emphasize the significance of building a team of individuals who consistently strive for self-improvement, are open to innovations, value company principles, and exhibit high self-motivation.

  • We undertake diverse actions and initiatives to contribute to the career development of all our employees under the 3E umbrella. We actively support their efforts in achieving professional growth and launch programs aimed at cultivating an excellent working environment.

  • We organize training programs that support corporate success, preparing our employees for the future in the face of changing world conditions.

  • In all recruitment processes, we expect candidates to be aligned with the corporate culture and values, possessing the knowledge and expertise required for the job and position.

  • We consider equal opportunity a fundamental pillar, fostering a work environment that is free from discrimination based on any legally protected status.

  • We apply contemporary recruitment criteria in line with today's requirements, taking actions to ensure that candidates' knowledge, skills, and competencies align with the appropriate positions.

  • We adopt a wage policy that adjusts to changing conditions. The skills and performances of our employees, in conjunction with economic data and industry trends, contribute to shaping our policy.

  • Our recruitment procedure includes interviews and a series of application processes. Upon the completion of all specified processes, we ensure to provide feedback to the candidates.

If you are interested in joining the 3E family, one of Turkey's largest and globally recognized companies in the production of electro-optic systems, you can follow our current job openings on LinkedIn and Kariyer.net
Internship at 3E
At 3E, we provide a genuine work experience, continuous development, and the chance to collaborate with a professional team. Together, we design the most effective internship program for your field, creating a roadmap for acquiring valuable experience.

  • Here, you will have the opportunity to learn professional business processes, take on responsibilities in real projects, and gain firsthand experience in the dynamics of the business world.

  • Within our state-of-the-art facility, you will encounter an environment conducive to advancing your skills.

  • You will start your career one step ahead with the experience gained at 3E, one of the world's leading companies in the production of electro-optic systems.

  • You can learn all the details by sending an email to ik@3eeos.com to make an excellent start in your career!
Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply to our open positions on Kariyer.net and/or LinkedIn, and to make a general application, you can write to ik@3eeos.com with your resume and send the department you want to work with.

We expect our candidates included in the interview process to accurately and clearly express their basic and technical competencies, goals, expectations, academic and social characteristics, as their suitability for the position will be evaluated. The fact that our candidates who meet the requirements of the job are open to learning by aiming to constantly improve themselves will also carry themselves one step forward.

Within the scope of our recruitment criteria, we can expect our candidates to have a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree whose language of instruction is 100% English and meets the job requirements. For this, you are expected to review the job deion and requirements. Interviews are conducted in Turkish, and English interviews can also be conducted according to the requirements of the position.

Our recruitment interviews are carried out with the participation of Human Resources and technical teams when necessary, and the stages may differ according to the requirements and qualifications of the position. Interview planning can be done with a top manager(s).

Even if your job application was evaluated negatively for the interviewed position, you can be included in the process again if a suitable position arises.

To be clear, simple and understandable; It will be beneficial to include your academic achievements, projects you have participated in, your experiences and social activities you carry out correctly in your resume.

If you cannot find the answers to your questions, you can send an e-mail to ik@3eeos.com expressing your questions.