Introducing the M14 UltraLite
12 June 2024
The WORLD's LIGHTEST Night Vision Monocular, weighing only 229 grams
The M14 UltraLite, the world's lightest night vision monocular in its class at 229 grams, revolutionizes night vision with its ultra-lightweight design and robust performance. It offers unmatched mobility, flexibility for head or helmet mounting, and weapon compatibility. Engineered for resilience, it withstands harsh conditions, providing reliable performance in extreme environments. The M14 UltraLite sets a new standard in night vision technology.

The remarkable lightweight design is achieved through the integration of UltraLite Objective and Eyepiece optics, expertly designed by 3E. These optics stand out as the lightest in the world, maintaining the PVS 14 standard.

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